spring break.

how utterly depressing. those two little words make me want to vomit.

i'm probably being overly dramatic, however, while all my classmates are galavanting off in exotic places like Padre or Vegas, i'm in Tulsa. boo.

at first i thought this could be hella relaxing...i was gonna paint (done), read (started), shop (on the agenda) and generally relax. but i'm boooooooored.

i know i should be thankful for the break from school (BELIEVE ME I AM!) but part of me cannot stop worrying about the future--aka the rest of the semester, finishing my independent study and capstone, finding a job, a place to live, blah blah blah.

i could use this week to get ahead.. but i think out of sheer protest...i will sit here and continue to do nothing on my spring break.

thanks for allowing me to whine.



february hot flash.

Yes, it's February 23rd. I'm sitting on my front porch in shorts and a t-shirt, drinking Coca-Cola (product placement!!!) and blogging. Not to mention, I'm sweating.

My last blog was a little too intense for the overall demeanor of my blog. Let me stick with something a little more shallow...like the weather.

No, that's boring. I can only ramble on for so long about how hot it is in February..even though it's supposed to be cold again tomorrow and that makes me want to die inside.

Which brings me to my next topic: Chicago.

This was taken of me in the summer of 2007. Right after I graduated high school. I had no idea in 4 short years, I would be contemplating moving to this grand city.

Now, if you wondering how I got from talking about the weather to Chicago so quickly, in case you didn't know, winter in Chicago lasts from like November 1st to like the middle of April. This makes me incredibly sad. In Oklahoma, I can sit on my porch in shorts in February, can Chicago compete with that? (NONONO...ok, maybe)

Weather being only one of the cons, (there are many more) along with a long list of pros (like not living in Oklahoma--which would be essentially crippling in the industry I'm in).

I was talking to a friend last night and he put it best--i'm ready to move on with my life in every area except emotionally. Why is this area the one that so strongly dictates what we chose in life?? I hate that I'm emotionally crippled and so scared of change and blah blah blah, but maybe thats because in the past I've looked at only the sad/mad emotions to base decisions off of.

Whatever, I'm still scared crapless---and apparently I've moved over to the teach-a-lesson side of blogging. However, mine was supposed to strictly stay self-absorbed and meaningless. OOPS. Won't happy again :))



walmart. frat boys. && human compassion.

Weird title, huh? yeah..well this basically sums up my day.

Let's rewind to the beginning. I wake up VERY disoriented--I seriously have no clue where I am--but, alas, I'm in my bed in Norman, OK. (Far less exciting than where I woke up LAST Wednesday morning in CHICAGO).

I get out of bed in a rush, early class this morning.. I do my hair, only to be ruined 20 minutes later on my walk to class thanks to the DENSE FOG ADVISORY (WTH..)

Class is whatever. The only good part of going to class today was that while I was in it..it warmed up outside!! It's 75 degrees when I come outside. (One of the things Oklahoma has going for it).

BEAUTIFUL DAY--I go running, I go tanning (Sorry, no laundry, GTL). Then I go to Walmart.

Because I'm going the Daytona Beach, Florida for spring break this year.. and I've decided drastic waistline maintenance is in order, I am now in need of the basic diet necessities. produce, chicken, and eggs.

While browsing the produce section...minding my own business...I suddenly find myself right in the middle of a "hubub" as my sister would say (which simply means anything out of the ordinary). An old man had suddenly fallen out of his motorized shopping cart. Like legitimately on the floor, clothes disheveled, his hat about 5 feet from where he landed.

I freeze.

I know I'm not the only one who has seen this, but I literally cannot move. But, I didn't have to.

Two "FRAT"astic boys rush to the old man's aid. They proceed to help him up back into his cart, pick up his hat, are asking him if he's OK. You can tell that they don't know this guy from Adam, yet their reflexes to help another human in need were so on queue...I was INSPIRED.

Normally, I hate frat guys. They're usually not very smart, they all dress the same (polo shirts, khaki's, and Sperry's) and they take great pleasure in making fun of people.

These two TOTALLY broke the stereotype. Maybe just for a second, but I saw it. They stood there for a good 20 minutes with the store manager while she called the old guy's family. They stayed there... repeatedly asking if he was all right.

Maybe I'm too quick to stereotype. Or maybe it's basic instinct to help another human when they desperately need it.

Maybe there are some decent people left in this world after all.




According to CNN iReport, this is definitely one for the record books. This is only the 2nd time that Oklahoma has issued a "blizzard" warning since records were even kept...the first? Christmas Eve 2009.

Well it's snowing again...AGAIN. And word on the street is it's supposed to snow A LOT next week. Well hey, I have things to do Mother Nature. (I wish she cared about my social life).

Anyways, it's a good thing I have two incredible roommates who have done their best to keep me as far from the brink of insanity as possible.. Let me chart the past couple of days for you...

Monday (pre-storm): Watched the Bachelor. Jena opted out of the grocery store so she didn't miss it. mistake.

Tuesday (snow day 1): Rooms and I built a Fort in the living room, journeyed to the grocery store by foot and made SNOWgaritas.

Wednesday (snow day 2): hot tubbed with some OOOLD friends and temporarily cured my cabin fever. Thank goodness for people who are actually brave enough to drive in this stuff and picked me up!

Thursday (snow day 3): homework. apparently in college, snow days are not code for vacation. snow days are code for being PESTERED to NO END by your professors via email. 12 in 1 day from my campaigns instructor. ahemmmmmm. unnecessary.

Friday (snow day 4): Tiffany, my unit, is on her death bed, so I brave the blizzard, (because yes, its snowing again) to take her to the urgent care center, Once again, thankful for people who are actually crazy enough to drive in this and for OLD friends!!! She has the flu...BOOOOO.

That has been my SNOWcation thus far... I imagine I have a couple days left in me...PRAYING for school to be OPEN on monday. thats quite a 180 from monday night!!

**Also praying my chicago trip doesn't get canceled for next week....they got twelve times as much snow as we did and they're already back to normal. great.

peace && blessingssssssss.




You know those days that the second you open your eyes you just know that NOTHING good is going to happen today? It's like a humongous black dog is standing beside your bed just staring at you. Today was one of those days.

Of course, it's Monday, and the first Monday of the semester. (And normally I really like dogs). My school work had already piled up on me, despite last week being MLK day and (by the grace of God) an unexpected snow day interrupting the work week for really, no good reason, on Thursday.

That's right, I'm feeling overwhelmed after a whopping 3 days of class... and Tuesday's and Thursday's don't REALLY count cause the only class I have then is Pilates. (trying to look more white, more EDUCATED). great.

Why am I feeling so anxious and BLEAK about this semester?? I can sum it up in one word.


boo freaking hoo.. so I have a hard class. It's about time right? Don't get me wrong, last semester was hellish for a number of reasons, but this semester SO much is riding on one class. Combine that with my ever crumbling personal life, my desperate attempt to find a GOOD job for the semester and the looming task of applying for (and interviewing at! EEK!) a real BIG GIRL job.


I have more work cut out for me this semester. No one ever said this was gonna be easy. (They actually said it was going to be really hard, and I have just been in denial for the past 3 semesters. Ya know, school can be a real DRAG sometimes...

Meanwhile, my 6 pack (as I like to call them behind their backs) and I all went out together on Friday! Kind of a semester kick-off. Madness ensued..as always.

This night included, but was not limited to: HUGE margaritas at Fuzzy's, meeting SAM BRADFORD and him buying a couple of us a shot, almost getting into a fight with some blondie bimbo when she literally PUSHED me away from Sam (ummm...gold digger?) and a GREAT night with awesome gals.

Oh well, enough ramblins' and complaining.

Talk to ya'll later...Peace & Blessings