spring break.

how utterly depressing. those two little words make me want to vomit.

i'm probably being overly dramatic, however, while all my classmates are galavanting off in exotic places like Padre or Vegas, i'm in Tulsa. boo.

at first i thought this could be hella relaxing...i was gonna paint (done), read (started), shop (on the agenda) and generally relax. but i'm boooooooored.

i know i should be thankful for the break from school (BELIEVE ME I AM!) but part of me cannot stop worrying about the future--aka the rest of the semester, finishing my independent study and capstone, finding a job, a place to live, blah blah blah.

i could use this week to get ahead.. but i think out of sheer protest...i will sit here and continue to do nothing on my spring break.

thanks for allowing me to whine.


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